A Note From Jacky
Another successful year of Christian Formation has ended, yet in a sense to me, it also feels like a new beginning. Maybe it's because I think of Summer as a time of renewal and recharge as a teacher of the public school systems and a Godly play instructor, or maybe it's because of the soon to be arrival of my second child this coming September. This is why it makes sense that we teach our children in the Godly play environment that our year is more like a circle, and there truly is no beginning or end. The picture with this article is an example of the church calendar that hangs in the Godly Play room. The Purple sections represent Lent and Advent, a time of seriousness and getting ready. These are both followed by white sections for Christmas and Easter, times of celebration. The single red represents the week of Pentecost. We teach the children that all the green represent "growing Sundays". The Godly play story puts so much emphasis on the white, and purple, and red Sundays, while the green are just there to fill in the gaps. Notice how the largest section of "green growing Sundays" is occurring now and won't end until Advent starts in December.
During the next few weeks of "green growing Sundays" we will have our annual youth trip to Busch Gardens as well as 2 weeks of Instructional Eucharist for our younger children who wish to receive communion for the first time. Right now we have taken a brief hiatus from Christian formation, to return in the autumn on September 10th. We will have a lot to look forward to this fall with What Would Jesus Brew picking back up again, as well as our monthly youth events, and a new season of Godly Play and Adult Formation. It kind of gives a feel like summer is a time of waiting as well. We wait for the new school year to start, for people to return from their summer vacations, and for the getting ready of Advent and Christmas. I wouldn't necessarily give this time a purple color because summer is hard to associate with the thought of seriousness, and most people are not waiting for summer to end (especially teachers) but instead are hoping time will slow down. I almost feel like these next 10 weeks should be a different color of their own, and if so, what color could that be? I wonder.....
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