Haitian Youth Choir visits Trinity

Truly an evening of joy and inspiration. The choir and chamber ensemble were wonderful, they had us in the aisles dancing with joy! A special thank you to the Brotherhood, Larry Peacock, Richard Gill and Carol-Anne Commardelle for feeding the 39 men, women and children that make up the group. The Church Women, in particular Adrianna Bethel-Hibbler and Vanessa Valentine for the putting on the reception following the concert.

Funding for their accomodations was in part paid for by the Trinity Church/London House Endowment fund at the Southeast Virginia Community Foundation.

If you would like to send support to the Haitian Youth Choir & Chamber Ensemble, contact: Edu-Art c/o St. John's Episcopal Church, 3738 Butler Rd, Reistertown, MD 21136.

Haitian Choir update!
19 October 2017
Dear All,
We finished the Tour this past week with all on board the airplane returning home to Port-au-Prince from JFK in New York.
Because we had had to put this tour together at such a short notice, we had to deal with a number of last minute changes.  As many of you well know, we were too often rolling down the road wondering whether and where the forty of us were to lay our heads - looking for and receiving little and large miracles – finding and being found by those saints who took us in with even shorter notices.
We traveled north from Maryland to Pennsylvania to upstate New York – and then down to Connecticut, southern New York State finishing in the Bronx.  We stayed primarily in homes but also in a soccer athletic center, a motel, university housing and a conference center in the woods.  The most interesting was probably the very first night in Atlanta with all forty in my sister’s house.
Some statistics: 
-                  23 cities/communities,
-                  9 states,
-                  3,025 miles,
-                  23 concerts,  (churches-universities-Smithsonian-Haitian Embassy)
-                  17 performances,  (open air coffee shop-retirement homes-steeplechase-social service center-schools [private day & boarding-inner city-magnet-performing arts, etc]),
-                  6 worship services,
-                  4 days off
-                  6,000 approximate attendees
-                  235 Host Families
-                  Finances to-be-determined
Finally, I speak for all to say thank you to you and your people for all you did, especially with notice of but five to six weeks (recognizing that some were within two days to a week).  
Thank you to those who put us up in your homes, prepared all the meals, provided the instruments, did the publicity, made the programs, etc. etc.  You were all most gracious in your hospitality and your appreciation of the music.
Take care.
Stephen   (Davenport)
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