What is the Trinity Foundation?


The Foundation was established in 1948 to manage bequests from parishioners wishing to contribute to an endowment that will provide financial support for the work of the church into the future.  The purpose of the Foundation as stated in the charter:

  • Provides for the maintenance of the church properties.
  • Helps maintain the church yard, wall and intermnet monuments.
  • Supports the Chrisitan mission of the Trinity Church beyond the walls.
  • Assures the terms of bequests ar honored.



2017 CEEP Conference
The 2017 CEEP Conference will be held in Washington, DC the last week in February.  The Trinity Church Fourndaiton is providing funds to cover only the registration for a Parish Team. This does not cover transfportation or lodging. Please contact Martha Frances Fortson if you are interested in attending.  There will be a meeting after the coffee hour this Sunday, January 15th in the conference room.





Martha Frances  Ayers Fortson, President


Mike Riley, Vice President

Patricia Roulhac, Secretary

Gene DeNardi, Treasurer



Dottie Lindley

Louis H. Hibbitts, Jr.

Amy O'Donnell

Paul L. Radford




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Designated Gifts to Trinity Church or the Foundation

Facilities Fund

Supports the repair and maintenance of the church, parish hall and rectory.

Church Yard Fund

Used for the maintenance of the church yard, brick awall and the interment memorials.

Mission and Outreach

 The M&O Committee oversees the distribution of funds as approved by the vestry for programs supported by Trinity Church. 

Hunt - Spear Youth Funds

Supports youth programs for children of all ages.

Altar Guild

Provides support for supplies and special purchases.

Music Ministry

Covers expenses related to the organ and music programs.


Undesignated Gifts to Trinity Church or Foundation

Book of Remembrance


Resources on bequests and planned giving.

Brick path 1

The Trinity Path


  Dear Friends of Trinity,

The Trinity Foundation is pleased to offer bricks for engraving that will become a permanent part of Trinity Church, Portsmouth, Virginia.  The "Trinity Path" will extend from the center walkway to the Narthex.  There are approximately 500 bricks for engraving.

The Trinity Path will stand as a living memorial for the past, present and future.  All proceeds for this special project will benefit the Endowment of Trinity Church to replace funds used for the church restoration.   

We hope you will consider the purchase of a brick to honor or memorialize someone or a special event.  An enclosure is included in this correspondence that explains the engraving of the bricks. 

The Trustees are excited about our "Trinity Path" and hope that you will take a part in our permanent legacy for Trinity Church.


Trustees of Trinity Foundation


Click here for a copy of this letter and the form to participate in this opportunity!



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